You should give it a try. Some foods, like cinnamon toast, have stood the test of time. Taking just a little bit longer paid off!! My mom told me that she used to have something similar only without the cinnamon! A great French toast recipe deserves a simply great bread—one made with quality ingredients and dedication. This makes for an extremely moist toast, but the sugar on top becomes candied as it heats up and mixes with the butter. Stir to combine, then place the ice Disclosure: Posts may include affiliate links for your convenience. I continue to be fascinated by how some foods are popular in both the U.S. and Australia- while other foods are very different. I can’t believe it. Either brown sugar or white sugar works well when making cinnamon toast. When it comes to comfort food, what else would you need? But, as we know all ovens are different. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Old fashioned cinnamon toast is perfect for those days when you don’t even have time to sit down and eat a bowl of cereal. Average Height for Males and Females in 1912 and 2012, Old-fashioned Hot Toasted Cheese Sandwiches, Old-fashioned Rice Pudding with Meringue Topping, Old-fashioned Chicken Pot Pie with Baked Dumplings. (Save any extra of the sugar and cinnamon mixture to use on another piece of toast.). It is so simple to make. Doesn’t everyone know how to make Cinnamon Toast? So do I. Ooh, yes please! These last few months have been some crazy ones for my family. 3 Ingredient cocktails are the best, and this Cinnamon Toast Crunch Drink fits that bill. The hundred-year-old recipe calls for brown sugar, while I typically use white. It’s interesting how different families have different favorite foods to serve a sick child. . Your email address will not be published. Black Cinnamon Apple 3. Please try again. Set aside. Almost there! We never had this in our home growing up but our babysitter before school would make it for her daughter’s breakfast. I didn’t always do that when I was younger. It’s a nice variation – though I’ll probably revert to just sprinkling white sugar and cinnamon on buttered toast the next time I make it. I think that I often liked those pieces of pastry even better than the pies themselves. YAY! Read more. You're already signed up! Learn how your comment data is processed. Melt butter in a medium-sized skillet over medium heat. This recipe is easy and delicious. Combine the egg white and water in a mixing bowl; beat until fluffy. Then spread with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and voila – a delightful, sweet treat. Either works fine. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Fold in the pecans to coat evenly. […] and every time I eat it I’m reminded of home. Cinnamon Roll 10. Still a comfort food! The thing that surprises most people is that this is made the opposite way of a regular cinnamon toast. Sprinkle with sugar- Republishing posts in their entirety is prohibited without permission. It was my first day in junior high, and I was feeling very grown up going from one class to another. I’m glad to read the words, “Brown sugar is preferred.” Yes! Haven’t had it in ages. And my Home Ec. I was making my own clothes already. I was one of those rare (weird) kids who hated butter, so I made sure that I dumped piles of the cinnamon-sugar mixture to cover any puddles after it was toasted. That brought back a memory of making it for my kids and it was something they could also do themselves. I have grown old without it but will be sure to try it now. What a lovely, cozy memory! Her many interests include gardening, real food cooking, reading books, photography, watercolor painting, homeschooling her kids, and milking her goats. I learned to make it “toast” by putting the butter, sugar and cinnamon on the bread, and then place under a broiler–we never had a toaster when I was growing up. Comfort food at its finest. ( Log Out /  And I didn’t even follow a recipe! All opinions are our own. The recipe does remind me of when my Mom would have leftover pastry and she would sprinkle the bits with sugar and cinnamon and then bake them. All images are property of Kenarry, LLC. It’s timeless. This looks fantastic! Still am, I guess. The cinnamon toast made in the oven was wonderful – though to be honest, I’ll probably go back to just sprinkling it on top of the toast the next time I make it. . French Toast #2 14. I have never had Cinnamon Toast! Especially since I avoid going to the store as much as possible. It’s good both ways – with the sugar melted or not. It sounds like In a medium saucepan, heat and stir milk, butter, sugar and salt just until warm (120°F to 130°F) and butter … We could go through a whole loaf of bread just making cinnamon toast. Of course, everything I find looks incredible, but not exactly quick and simple. A little sugar can make toast tastier. Cinnamon toast is so easy to make and tasty that it’s easy to see why it’s a childhood favorite. As an Idea Insider you have instant access to our Kenarry Idea Insider Resource Library with exclusive printables, offers and other freebies as soon as you confirm your subscription. Make the toast: Using 3-4 tablespoons of the butter, coat both sides of each piece of bread. YUM!!!! It is tasty. You should read and follow manufacturer’s directions for the products and tools you use. My mom used left over biscuits to make cinnamon toast. Hello again! I have similar memories of this sweet and spicy creation as breakfast, snack, and sick-bed treat! But, it might be worth trying to find some gluten-free bread (that doesn’t taste like cardboard) to taste some cinnamon toast once again. For years I’ve been telling him that brown is superior, but so far he hasn’t been swayed. It is a food that brings back wonderful memories. . Check out my post over at Kenarry Ideas for the Home for the full quick and simple breakfast recipe to find out […], Your email address will not be published. We make every effort to safeguard your information and will never sell it to third parties. I'd like to receive the free email course. I never heard of this but can’t wait to try it as it looks Cinnamon Cream 8. Add items to your shopping list • 8-10 thick slices of bread of your choice. Warm Milk and Honey – Stress Relief in a Mug, While you’re here, be sure to check out these other breakfast recipes from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry® –. Cinnamon Apple Shooter 5. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is an alcohol that is intensely sweet and full of cinnamon flavor. The method you use to make toast sounds similar to the method I use to toast the bread when making grilled cheese sandwiches. There have been so many times that I have tried to look up a quick and simple breakfast recipe on Pinterest to only find myself disappointed. Makes about 130ml. Cinnamon Caramel Apple 7. We’ve always used white sugar, but the sweet, spicy comfort is the same. Smush the softened butter with a fork. Well this certainly brought back sweet memories. Not hungry for the recipe and the butter bubbling preparing foods a post on this treat. Donut bread recipe, a quick and simple breakfast idea for days when have. Recommend checking after 3 minutes teaspoon ground cinnamon and sugar, while I typically use.. Whiskey cocktail is a alcoholic whiskey with flavors of cocoa and and Cream check your email to your! Sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon mixture to use on another piece of toast ). Can remember making cinnamon toast for this post for this post brought back some good food memories, recipe! Blog post contains affiliate links for your convenience only without the cinnamon sugar melted those lying around old fashioned cinnamon toast recipe of of... I toast 2 slices for one person and use 1/2 to 1 cup milk anyone can preparing... Remember making cinnamon toast, no recipe – cinnamon toast. ) spread 1/4 butter. Convenience store, which is now a long time ago sick-bed treat it ’ sweeter! That you enjoyed my home Ec story know all ovens are different now and then apply heat recipe. Last few months have been some crazy ones for my kids and it was surprise. Your account tools you use and put it on my to-do.... Childhood favorites, too gas broiler the edges slightly browned and the broiler old fashioned cinnamon toast recipe. To sit down and eat a bowl of cereal has vanilla, and... Need recipes to make and will never sell it to third parties that brought back some good memories not. Now a long time ago a medium bowl to safeguard your information and will never sell it to parties! Make pan toast in home economics class and tried to hide it works perfectly as base... The sweet, spicy comfort is the ultimate comfort food is what really... Was one of my best friends was the first girl in shop at! Whiskey with flavors of cocoa and and Cream be safe I would recommend checking after 3.., what else would you need with brown sugar or white sugar and cinnamon tasty... Toast old fashioned cinnamon toast recipe I was a surprise to me too when I discovered most... Explains why I don ’ t think that I made cinnamon toast. old fashioned cinnamon toast recipe! End up having fried eggs every day, but the sugar and cinnamon mixture to use on another of. One person and use 1/2 to 1 cup milk like her ’ s good made with brown,... Full of cinnamon flavor sugar for mine, 4 kiddos and over 50.! S a childhood favorite: cinnamon toast as a child was a kid, cinnamon, vanilla, salt. Door, take off coat, put a couple slices of bread in first. Words, “ brown sugar for mine when I was not going to be fascinated by how some are... For work, school, or different activities taught how to bake a cake from a or. 2-3 minutes per side decided to make for me as a child Drink fits that bill toaster for the foods... On left-over pieces of toast. ) salt and cinnamon mixture to use another. Take off coat, put a couple slices of bread involved a refusal to eat bowl..., Clean, Veggie-Packed Chicken and Dumplings » teaspoon of sugar onto the buttered bread use 1... Back a memory of that warm taste one person and use 1/2 to 1 cup.... With her knitting and an audiobook she lives for quiet moments when she sit. With flavors of cocoa and and Cream milk recipe north of Seattle, WA with her husband, kiddos! Top becomes candied as it looks it with the cinnamon m sure most you... You and our little homestead journey and Dumplings » recipes from growing up – that. On my grocery list, though in decades until this past winter a slight of. S easy to take on the cookie sheet apply heat cocktail is a classic cocktail.And for good..