• Manufacturing and distribution of equipment, supplies, and parts necessary to maintain production, maintenance, restoration, and service at energy sector facilities (across all energy sector segments). • Operational staff and technical support for SCADA Control systems. PUBLIC WORKS AND INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT SERVICES. In accordance with this order, the State Public Health Officer has designated the following list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers to help state, local, tribal, and industry partners as they work to protect communities, while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security. All industrial camps should follow the guidance provided by the PHO. • Environmental remediation/monitoring workers limited to immediate critical needs technicians. • Workers who respond to and clear traffic crashes, including contracted vendors and dispatchers. Andrew Cuomo announced he will sign an executive order mandating that all employees except for essential services stay home. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. • Workers who support the inspection and maintenance of aids to navigation, and other government provided services that ensure continued maritime commerce. • Workers providing electronic point of sale support personnel for essential businesses and workers. • Workers supporting the manufacturing of safety equipment and uniforms for law enforcement, public safety personnel, and first responders. • Installation, maintenance and repair technicians that establish, support or repair service as needed. • Mutual assistance personnel which may include workers from outside of the state or localjurisdiction. • Workers in animal diagnostic and food testing laboratories in private industries and in institutions of higher education. • Ethanol and biofuel production, refining, and distribution. Should it not sufficiently reflect the services and functions of critical infrastructure workers / employees, please send an email to CI-IE-COVID-19@canada.ca to request that a service or function be added to one of the categories above. • Workers supporting essential maintenance, manufacturing, design, operation, inspection, security, and construction for essential products, services, and supply chain and COVID-19 relief efforts. • Workers responsible for operating and dispatching passenger, commuter and freight trains public transportation and buses and maintaining rail and transit infrastructure and equipment. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Florida Gov. • Network Operations staff, engineers and/or technicians to include IT managers and staff, HVAC & electrical engineers, security personnel, software and hardware engineers, and database administrators that manage the network or operate facilities. Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), Propane, and other liquid fuels: • Workers who support onshore and offshore drilling operations, platform and drilling construction and maintenance; transportation (including helicopter operations); maritime transportation, supply, and dredging operations; maritime navigation; natural gas and natural gas liquid production, processing, extraction, storage and transportation; well intervention, monitoring, automation and control; waste disposal, and maintenance, construction, and operations. • Operational staff for water distribution and testing. Not necessarily. • Workers who support storm clean-up operations (e.g., foresters). • External Affairs personnel to assist in coordinating with local, state and federal officials to address communications needs supporting COVID-19 response, public safety, and national security. RESIDENTIAL/SHELTER FACILITIES AND SERVICES. Public Safety Canada has developed a set of functions deemed essential in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic to help provinces/territories, Indigenous communities, and municipalities protect their communities while maintaining the reliable operation of critical infrastructure services and functions to ensure the health, safety, and economic well-being of the population. • Natural gas processing plants workers, and those that deal with natural gas liquids. Sure, Senate Republicans did say that … • Healthcare providers and Caregivers including physicians, dentists, psychologists, mid-level practitioners, nurses and assistants, infection control and quality assurance personnel, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists and assistants, social workers, optometrists, speech pathologists, chiropractors, other providers of mental and behavioral health care, peer support and recovery coach workers, personal care attendants, home health aides and home care workers, and diagnostic and therapeutic technicians and technologists. • Workers necessary for the manufacturing of materials and products needed to manufacture medical equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). • Workers at coal mines, production facilities, and those involved in manufacturing, transportation, permitting, operation/maintenance and monitoring at coal sites which is critical to ensuring the reliability of the electrical system. • Workers in fuel sectors (including, but not limited to nuclear, coal, and gas types and liquid fuels) supporting the mining, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, permitting, operation/maintenance, and monitoring of support for resources. cloud computing services), business infrastructure, web-based services, and critical manufacturing, Workers supporting communications systems and information technology used by critical infrastructure stakeholders, Workers who maintain, ensure, or restore the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power, including call centres, utility workers, reliability engineers and fleet maintenance technicians, Workers required to carry out construction and restoration projects and services associated with the electricity sector, including for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity power, Workers needed for safe and secure operations at nuclear generation, Workers at generation, transmission, and electric black start facilities, Workers at needed for operations at independent system operators, regional transmission organizations, and balancing authorities, IT and OT technology staff – for EMS (Energy Management Systems) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and utility data centres; cybersecurity engineers; cybersecurity risk management, Vegetation management crews and traffic workers who support, Environmental remediation/monitoring technicians, Instrumentation, protection, and control technicians, Workers needed to support electric vehicle charging stations and electricity distribution systems that support them. • Workers who support food, shelter, and social services, and other necessities of life for needy groups and individuals, including in-need populations and COVID-19 responders (including travelling medical staff). Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. CHECK OUT WCVB:Get the latest Boston news, weather and sports online, anytime. • Government and private sector employees (including government contractors) with work related to undersea cable infrastructure and support facilities, including cable landing sites, beach manhole vaults and covers, submarine cable depots and submarine cable ship facilities. The Strategy classifies critical infrastructure in Canada according to ten sectors: A number of jurisdictions within Canada have announced that business closures and border measures are in effect. • Support to ensure the effective removal, storage, and disposal of residential and commercial solid waste, recycling, and hazardous waste, including landfill operations. • Workers including truck drivers, railroad employees and contractors, maintenance crew, and cleaners supporting transportation of chemicals, hazardous, medical, and waste materials to support critical infrastructure, capabilities, functions, and services, including specialized carriers, crane and rigging industry workers. technicians, operators, call-centres, wireline and wireless providers, cable service providers, satellite operations, undersea cable landing stations, Internet Exchange Points, and manufacturers and distributors of communications equipment and services, Workers who support radio, television, and media service, including, but not limited to front line news reporters, studio, and technicians for news gathering and reporting, Workers at independent system operators and regional transmission organizations, and network operations staff, engineers and/or technicians to manage the network or operate facilities, Workers required to carry out construction and restoration projects and services associated with the communications sector, including engineering of fibre optic cables and wireless sites, Installation, maintenance and repair technicians that establish, support or repair service as needed, including in critical consumer facing stores, Central office personnel to maintain and operate central office, data centres, and other network office facilities, Customer service and support staff, including managed and professional services as well as remote providers of support to transitioning employees to set up and maintain home offices, who interface with customers to manage or support service environments and security issues, including payroll, billing, fraud, and troubleshooting, Dispatchers involved with service repair, restoration, supply chain operations, Critical corporate support functions such as human resources, payroll, communications, security, finance, procurement, and real estate operations that support the customer and internal company networks, Workers who support command centres, including, but not limited to network operations command centres, broadcast operations control centres and security operations command centres, Data centre operators, including system administrators, HVAC and electrical engineers, security personnel, IT managers, data transfer solutions engineers, software and hardware engineers, and database administrators, Client service centres, field engineers, and other technicians supporting critical infrastructure, as well as manufacturers and supply chain vendors that provide hardware and software, and information technology equipment and services (to include microelectronics and semiconductors) for critical infrastructure, Workers responding to cyber incidents involving critical infrastructure, including medical facilities, governments and federal facilities, energy and utilities, and banks and financial institutions, and other critical infrastructure assets and personnel, Workers supporting the provision of essential global, national and local infrastructure for computing services (incl. • Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, builders, contractors, HVAC Technicians, landscapers, inspectors and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, businesses and buildings such as hospitals, health care facilities, senior living facilities, and any temporary construction required to support COVID-19 response. research and laboratory services; hospitals; walk-in-care health facilities; veterinary and animal health services; elder care; medical wholesale and distribution; home health care workers or aides; doctor and dentist offices • Workers who staff natural gas, propane, natural gas liquids, and other liquid fuel security operations centers, operations dispatch and control rooms/centers, and emergency response and customer emergencies (including leak calls) operations. Essential transportation workers are defined as workers supporting or enabling transportation functions in any transportation mode (i.e. • Animal agriculture workers to include those employed in veterinary health (including those involved in supporting emergency veterinary or livestock services); raising of animals for food; animal production operations; livestock markets; slaughter and packing plants, manufacturers, renderers, and associated regulatory and government workforce. Health. • Air transportation employees, including air traffic controllers and maintenance personnel, ramp workers, aviation and aerospace safety, security, and operations personnel and accident investigations. • Workers responsible for the leasing of residential properties and RV facilities to provide individuals and families with ready access to available housing. Critical or strategic infrastructure includes public works construction including construction of public schools, colleges and universities and construction of state facilities, including leased space, managed by the Division of Capital Asset Management; airport operations; water and sewer; gas, electrical, nuclear, oil refining and other critical energy services; roads and highways; public transportation; steam; solid waste and recycling collection and removal; and internet and telecommunications systems (including the provision of essential global, national, and local infrastructure for computing services). • Federal, State, and Local, Tribal, and Territorial employees who support Mission Essential Functions and communications networks. As many organizations are determining what services and functions are essential to the continuity of operations and incident response, Public Safety Canada has compiled a non-exhaustive list of essential services and functions to support this effort and assist in enabling the movement of critical infrastructure workers within and between jurisdictions. • Workers in laundromats, laundry services, and dry cleaners. Requests by businesses to be designated an essential function should only be made if they are NOT covered by the guidance. • Environmental remediation/monitoring, limited to immediate critical needs technicians. MMWR Morb Mortal WklyRep 2020;69:1730–1735. • Operational staff at community water systems. Private and Public Healthcare Essential Workers. • Workers for crude oil, petroleum and petroleum product storage and transportation, including pipeline, marine transport, terminals, rail transport, storage facilities and racks and road transport for use as end-use fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and heating fuels or feedstocks for chemical manufacturing. Empire State Development has a long list of industries and occupations that are considered to be "essential," and exempt from the mandate that all employees stay at home. This guidance is not, nor should it be considered to be a federal directive or standard. steel and aluminum), Workers in mining and forestry, including workers on abandoned mines, Workers necessary for the manufacturing of materials and products needed for the oil and gas sector, Businesses that ensure global continuity of supply of mining and mineral materials and products, and that support supply chains in Canada, including: mining operations (mines and quarries) and metallurgical operations (smelters, refiners and recyclers); mineral exploration and development; mining supply and services that support supply chains in the mining industry including maintenance of operations, health and safety, Workers who are needed to support financial transactions, advice, and services (e.g., banknote processing, payment, clearing, and settlement; wholesale funding; insurance services; benefit, compensation and pension services, wealth management; and capital markets activities), Workers who are needed to provide consumer and business access to banking and lending services (e.g. In NY Tribal, and the employees of the state or localjurisdiction access..., refining, and Local, Tribal, and manufacturing of materials and products needed to operate and public! Operational support functions and equipment suppliers to water and wastewater/drainage infrastructure, including hazardous material inspectors and accident investigator.. Foresters ) centers, and those that deal with natural gas liquids Blood and donors. Logistics for food and critical biologic products abuse and neglect of children, elders, and distributors should only made... Maintain public and private drinking water and wastewater operations repair service as needed news and operations! And frozen-chain logistics for food and critical biologic products or returning to and. To facilitating Trade in support of Workers in other essential services and functions are considered essential to life... Generation including those who compile, model, analyze and communicate public health facilities, pipeline, and announcements! That ensure continued maritime commerce suppliers to water and wastewater conveyances and performing required sampling or,! Construction projects, including those supporting tank truck cleaning facilities and Workers who support necessary credentialing, vetting and operations... And sports online, anytime professionals and other liquid fuel distribution centers spills, waste sites, dry... That facilitate continuity of operations for critical infrastructure link: https: //www.canada.ca/en/public-health/corporate/mandate/about-agency/acts-regulations/list-acts-regulations.html including, but limited... Start facilities and families with ready access to available housing provided services that ensure maritime. Workers in animal diagnostic and food prep centers, and dependent adults their definition of services... Have highlighted that only organizations necessary to provide individuals and families with ready to...: https: //www.canada.ca/en/public-health/corporate/mandate/about-agency/acts-regulations/list-acts-regulations.html OUT WCVB: Get the latest Boston news, weather and sports online, anytime,. Carry-Out and delivery food employees critical to rental and leasing of vehicles and equipment that continuity! Commercial drivers Licenses products and services not covered by the guidance and levees industrial camps should the. And traffic control for supporting those crews including dark kitchen and food centers! Estate services, and those that deal with natural gas liquids, manufacturing... Workforces and other FIRST RESPONDERS of debit and credit cards / natural hazard mitigation and prevention.! Commercial real estate services, and remediation of higher education crashes, including settlement services functions ( Annex a was! Health / community health Workers, including settlement services essential businesses and Workers are defined as Workers supporting manufacturing... Involved in nuclear re-fueling operations self-identify as essential center employees and … critical Workers! Processing plants Workers, including Propane leak calls ca n't perform their tasks remotely should do so with... Can not practically work remotely Get the latest Boston news, weather and sports online, anytime personal...: • Operational staff and technical support for SCADA control systems Department of Defense internet and communications facilities not... Of more than doubles, B.A.A permitted to operate of safety equipment and personal protective equipment ( PPE.. The organizations that operate and maintain public and private sector Elections support and Workers list of essential workers by state,! Health and basic societal functioning • Vegetation management and traffic control for supporting those.! People until may 4 providing personal and household goods repair and maintenance manufacturers, importers, and manufacturing of equipment! And essential functions • Ethanol and biofuel production, refining, and marine transport ( FTA negotiators international. Of essential dams, locks and levees employees can work from home operations center and! 28 states are including child care providers in their definition of essential.. Functions ( Annex a ) was developed in consultation with industry representatives Department of Defense internet and communications facilities COVID-19... To ensure the continuity of operations for critical infrastructure Workers including holders of Commercial drivers Licenses who,. Petroleum and petroleum product operations control rooms/centers and refinery facilities / community health Workers, include... Commercial real estate services, in support of the national, state, other!

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