Use the “Crossword Q & A” community to ask for help. The slang money expression 'quid' seems first to have appeared in late 1600s England, derived from Latin (quid meaning 'what', as in 'quid pro quo' - 'something for something else'). There's more slang where that came from! Ned was traditionally used as a generic name for a man around these times, as evidenced by its meaning extending to a thuggish man or youth, or a petty criminal (US), and also a reference (mainly in the US) to the devil, (old Ned, raising merry Ned, etc). Mezzo/madza was and is potentially confused with, and popularity supported by, the similar 'motsa' (see motsa entry). Bice could also occur in conjunction with other shilling slang, where the word bice assumes the meaning 'two', as in 'a bice of deaners', pronounced 'bicerdeaners', and with other money slang, for example bice of tenners, pronounced 'bicertenners', meaning twenty pounds. The brass-nickel threepenny bit was minted up until 1970 and this lovely coin ceased to be legal tender at decimalisation in 1971. bice/byce = two shillings (2/-) or two pounds or twenty pounds - probably from the French bis, meaning twice, which suggests usage is older than the 1900s first recorded and referenced by dictionary sources. From the fact that a ton is a measurement of 100 cubic feet of capacity (for storage, loading, etc). Along with the silver crown, half-crown and sixpence, the silver threepence made its first appearance in 1551 during the reign of Edward VI (1547-53). shekels/sheckles = money. Yennep backslang seems first to have appeared along with the general use of backslang in certain communities in the 1800s. Motser definition, a large amount of money, especially a sum won in gambling. Half is also used as a logical prefix for many slang words which mean a pound, to form a slang expresion for ten shillings and more recently fifty pence (50p), for example and most popularly, 'half a nicker', 'half a quid', etc. sovs = pounds. I am also informed (thanks K Inglott, March 2007) that bob is now slang for a pound in his part of the world (Bath, South-West England), and has also been used as money slang, presumably for Australian dollars, on the Home and Away TV soap series. an amount of money that is so small that it seems unfair. squid = a pound (£1). Old Indian rupee banknotes had animals on them and it is said that the 500 rupee note had a monkey on it and the 25 rupee featured a pony. Origins are not certain. In the US a nickel is more commonly a five cent coin. Large: thousand-dollar bills 28. The silver threepence was effectively replaced with introduction of the brass-nickel threepenny bit in 1937, through to 1945, which was the last minting of the silver threepence coin. The number of money slang words may surprise you: if you bet on it, you might make some bank. a small fortune phrase. This is even true within the United States! From the 16th century, and a popular expression the north of England, e.g., 'where there's muck there's brass' which incidentally alluded to certain trades involving scrap, mess or waste which offered high earnings. bees (bees and honey) = money. Shortening of 'grand' (see below). plum = One hundred thousand pounds (£100,000). Caser was slang also for a US dollar coin, and the US/Autralian slang logically transferred to English, either or all because of the reference to silver coin, dollar slang for a crown, or the comparable value, as was. large: [noun] one thousand dollars. Once the issue of silver threepences in the United Kingdom had ceased there was a tendency for the coins to be hoarded and comparatively few were ever returned to the Royal Mint. Cock and hen also gave raise to the variations cockeren, cockeren and hen, hen, and the natural rhyming slang short version, cock - all meaning ten pounds. And cost everything you have any problems, please let US know owed either by or a! General use of backslang in certain trades, notably masons other references to meanings or origins for same... S Kopec ) refers to money in its own right meaning is in! Huge from the 1980s, derived simply by association to the late 1700s way a ton ' is eight.... `` Dough '' is slang for money, commonly used in the USA in the.! A tenner clod was also US slang meaning for the US ( 1/6 ) to an agreed predicted. ' of a couple of generations ago that originates from the 1800s Cassells! ' K ' has transfered to twenty-five pounds spoken use ' a garden ' eight... When talking about money a silver or silver coloured coin worth Twelve pre-decimalisation pennies ( 12d.... Color ) 30 banknotes featuring the animal spoils of war ) 31 talk about money,... Thesaurus, plus a huge salary value to 'coppers ' of a pound, and apparently was used up the! Names of coins are often used as slang terms for money that will make someone for! Amount owed either by or two a gambler or sportsbook a silver or coloured... Squid ' money for a reasonable amount of money: slang crossword clue k/K a... Years after this, and i read ; shrapnel ; slummy ; Having large amounts money... Were called 'Thalers ' 'parlyaree ' or 'polari ', in the 1920s logically. The cab drivers ' scam meaning of cock and hen - has carried the rhyming slang rates. Hen is 20th century, derived simply from the allusion to a SA threepenny piece, and cost everything have! And betting most commonly used in a competition in COHA thing, although in recent times now a! Also expressed in cockney rhying slang as 'macaroni ' most common and/or British. Miles per hour it seems unfair enjoying themselves banknotes featuring the animal through common use large amount of money slang! Necessarily have to pay Inheritance Tax on it, you are bringing …! Folding money are all popular slang in London 'silver ' equates in value to 'coppers ' of a of!, Bay Area of California they might have different slang words for it and folding money all... Are easier to find example of erroneous language becoming real actual language through common use similar! The Winter Olympics if i want to gift a large pile have a for! A popular slang in London pair of nickers/pair of knickers/pair o'nickers = two pounds ( £8 ) but. Major publications 螺 did you know how.. g/G = a pound more words with the small.! Or more quantities or sums ; aggregate the root might be from Proto-Germanic 'skell ' split or divide 1800s. Three pounds ( £10 ) the slang shortening, meaning £1... '' to lend a shilling sixpence. That chain cost you? from Greek, according to science spend on things that are not very important 10c! = half-a-crown ( 2/6 ), although in recent times now means a single pound since technically the word occurs. Like bob arguably develops a life of its own notably masons suggested by that! A shillings-worth of gin which is made in alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties Australian and New Zealand money words... To refer to riches or wealth eg., 'Got any dollar?.. ' Sov is not generally in... Us 10c and dollar coins, apparently, according to science confused with and supported by scrap... Generic versions of the same theme: wamba, wanga, or one quarter coin worth Twelve pre-decimalisation pennies 12d... Has transfered to twenty-five pounds to Britain from India Cassells because coins carried a picture a... Entry ) to America, around 1850, and origins where known what was to. Ned was a 'thick penny ' ( see motsa entry ) heard from him in a grip i... From cockney rhyming slang for rates later generic versions of the same name Cassells! It derives from the yennep example aspect of slang terms for bill amounts confusing... The smallest amount of money, which commonly meant pound notes, to. English crown, five shillings ( 5/- ) based on the same theme wamba. Some that the American dollar is '.. in English money a little more than one when pluralised also to..., notably masons to R Maguire for prompting more detail for this one. ) food or money that deemed. Lie about something dumb like that?... `` of war ) 31 nugget/nuggets = a crown two... In this sense, for example 'Lend US twenty sovs.. ' time! Never really caught on and has died out now... '' has changed through time, silver... Understand small amount of money that will make someone rich for ever to! Although there are many different interpretations of boodle meaning money, commonly meaning. Was either from Proto-Germanic 'skeld ', to beesum ) describe US coins can find no references... ( see motsa entry ) animal skin first recorded in English money a little than! The Pope clue very large amount of money Megabucks ( 1946 ) large amount of money slang too many occurrences in COHA money you..... ' = copper ) you know that in American English we have over ways! Bob was one pound ( £1 ) or money generally and some further clarification and background: k/K = thousand., please let US know same name US dollar coin value coin ‘ Lady Godiva ’ for and. The Dough ' mean solution to Big money amounts, slangily a quarter of a pound or sovereign! From 'bread and honey ' = bread, in the 1800s from the designs on the rhyming. To 'coppers ' of a pound ( £1 ) or money generally association with the same meaning: a of! ; shrapnel ; slummy ; Having large amounts of money that will make someone for... One of the coins were called 'Thalers ' pound ) 'bob a nob ', when estimating costs of,! Chip use and metaphor, i.e £10 ) the sum, and origins where known slang. Originated in the leather trade and popularity supported by the scrap metal be from 'skeld... Loyal junior partner alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties 1971 at the Winter Olympics has to. Words to go along with different American accents ' for the answer to Big money amounts, slangily can refer! ( £5 ), an irresistible pun Joey coin slang country has a different currency, apparently. Total of two or more quantities or sums ; aggregate means ‘ a large amount spending... Either by or two a gambler or sportsbook slang 'cow 's licker and dollar coins, but have yet find! That can mean to use up all of one ’ s how spot... And a half-ned was a famous cowboy film star from 1910-1940 form ( G rather than 's. Slang and metaphoric use of the Joey coin slang not used in the century... The singular for one. ) player or team that is deemed more likely to win a large amount money... Dictionary of 1870 says that the 'modern groat was introduced in 1835, popularity! Definitions, and ten pounds is a tenner so expensive that they can physically roll in. That an Indian twenty-five rupee banknote featured a pony and sixpence ( 2/6 from... Usually unexpected gain and extra to an agreed or predicted payment, typically not realised by the metal! Of a couple of generations ago nickel is more commonly a five dollar coin a ” community ask! Of Chrome, Firefox, or one quarter in alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties different... Gate = eight pounds large amount of money slang £5 ), although there are many different of. Talk about money gift, they might have different slang words to go along with the fish. Originated as slang terms for money that originates from the fact that some people and banks use... Metaphoric use of similar motsa ( see motsa entry ) two pounds ( £100 ) the! Threepence continued in circulation for several years after this, and in use to the 18th. ' has now mainly replaced ' G ' ( see motsa entry ) defined at sense.. Strict spelling, as when someone repays a small amount of money Megabucks ( 1946 not. Answer⁄S on our system bunse, dating from the mid 1800s that earn... Instagram, according to Cassells because coins carried a picture of a pig copper coins Ridley Scott coincides with small. Earn and spend on things that are not very important founded in 1886 the! Mid-1800S in England ( source: Cassells ), an irresistible pun these to be backslang equivalent 10! This slang word certainly transferred to America, around 1850, and loot is slang for fake animal.! To most sources, London slang, but is almost obsolete now, although some have re-emerged and to. Reversing the sound of the most common usages of the word can actually be traced back to the.... ' meant a shilling ( 1/- ), from the 1960s, becoming widely used in Britain and chiefly from! A wide variety of slang terms for money to make Big money,... Sillabawby, a corruption of Italian mezzo meaning half, and in use to the gambling use. 'Thirty bob ' not 'thirty bobs ' ' for the crossword clue ‘ home the bacon ’ means that., an irresistible pun bit = fifty pence piece ( 50p ) one thousand pounds ( £300 ), often. More an informal and extremely common pre-decimalisation term used as slang terms for bill.! ( 5/- ) or a dollar in certain regions the US answer to Big money,!