The deep caramel flavour is great in a range of dishes. Roughly chop or grind in a mortar and pestle to make your own fresh Bush Tomato Spice. Incorporate bush foods into your home cooking with delicious products available at Aboriginal Bush Traders. Gerard’s choice: Hybrids to get them a bit earlier: Andiamo, Best Boy Bush and Early Doll. Heat 600ml vinegar to just below boiling,then pour over the bush tomato and cap tightly. The sun is shining, the garden is growing, and the temperatures are rising. Bush tomato (desert rasin or Kutjera) is a delight. Delicious on crackers, with finger food, meats, hard cheeses or wherever you would like a delicious tasty relish. All Australian ingredients. Tomato bushes are the easiest for a beginner to grow and are ideal for containers and grow bags. ~ BUSH TOMATO Seed ~ We like tomatoes a lot, so this is a really important part of the catalogue for us. It is a round, medium sized, red fruit that you can see in the stores. Culinary Uses of Bush Tomato – Akudjura. Untidy sprawling bush. These midseason varieties reach 5 to 6 feet tall. Native Bush Tomato Flavour Pearls have a fresh tomato burst flecked with sun dried Native Bush Tomato pieces…. Things to remember: . a delicious addition to all meats, seafood and vegetables dishes. A super tasty, sweeter style relish featuring the rich pungent flavour of the Bush Tomato. This is a great time of year. Native Australian Bush Tomato Flavour Pearls...another delicious Australian made product. Each plant produced an average of 135 ripe fruits, with around 21 fruits per truss, each weighing about 18.7g. The fruit of the bush tomato plant is globular-shaped and usually 10–15mm in size. BUSH (Tomato) - SEED VEGETABLES T - Z TOMATO BUSH (Tomato) POLISH GIANT CSB(A) (Lycopersicon esculentum) Polish heirloom. It turns from green to yellow as it ripens, then dries on the bush until it is a reddish colour and looks like a raisin. If you prefer highly sweet tomatoes, cherry tomatoes are ideal. It can be used whole or you can grind it easily in a mortar. Produces heavy crops of medium-sized fruits with a rich traditional flavour. The Bush Tomato has a flavour similar to a sun dried tomato however it is much stronger and less acidic… Bush Tomato Soup on Vimeo Join . Also useful for autumn and winter cropping. A sweet chilli sauce using Bush Tomatoes and Australian Lemon Tea Tree – a heathland bush of Australia that has a rich lemon flavour, which added to the unique sweet and spicy flavour of the bush tomato, makes a delicious sauce for use both on the table and in cooking. Tomato 'F1 Totem' has an upright habit that is perfectly suited for a patio container. Tomato Seed 'Shirleys' Pixie' Bush Tomato. WHERE TO FIND TOMATO SEEDS BUSH TOMATO - crushed and whole - Bush Tomato is a strong sun dried tomato with a caramel/ tamarillo flavour and aroma. A vibrant garnish for canapes too. A classic large-fruited group of varieties that have good flavour and thick flesh. The Bush Tomato Handbook Desert Knowledge CRC 1 Since the arrival of humans in Australia, plants have been used for food, medicine, tools, shelter and firewood. It is summer time again. commonly ground into a powder or processed into value-added products such as chutney. They have been in short supply in … We LOVE bush tomato and use it in everything. A vibrant garnish for canapes too. Great addition to a curry, as a dipping relish for meatballs or any tomato-base recipe. Also goes well with Salmon and stronger flavoured white or game meats. Bush tomato has a strong flavour which has been described as earthy caramel and tomato with a pungent aftertaste. Home grown tomatoes always taste much better than shop-bought! They have a higher sugar content than regular-sized tomatoes, and the small size seems to concentrate the flavor. Bush Tomato has a strong sun dried tomato, caramel and tamarillo flavour and aroma which is just delicious in recipes with tomato, cheese or eggs. A dehybridised reselection, and now open pollinated. "Sweet 100" is one of the sweetest cultivars, but "Sunset" magazine staffers rated "SunSugar" as the best-tasting cherry tomato in their taste trials. Bush tomato has a strong savoury caramelised flavour that lends itself to use as a spice and food flavouring. Ideal for containers. The unique flavour of bush tomato is best used in small quantities because using too much will cause the bitter sharp notes to dominate and overpower the fruity, sweet, caramel flavours. Bush Tomato & Chilli Sauce. Strain the vinegar through a damp cheesecloth or coffee filter one or more times until the vinegar is no longer cloudy. Available Now Supplied as a packet of approximately 15 seeds. Very large, red, plum shaped fruit to 15cm across with smooth skin, firm flesh & few seeds. It can be used in many dishes where a dash of spicy tomato is required. Tomato 'Apero' More plum-shaped than cherry-shaped, and best grown in a cold greenhouse or tunnel. Suitable for protected and outdoor growing. Tasting Notes: Oh so wonderful when eaten fresh but the flavour profile of a dried one is also amazing, like a caramel, savoury carob crossed with sun-dried tomato. Take a peek at our website for recipe inspiration... . 'Roma VF' Thick fleshed, nearly seedless plum tomato for sauces, ketchup, tomato juice and soup. The fruits can actually be left to dry on the bush and collected months later. These little berries pack quite a punch. 'Red Alert' Very early with exceptional flavourful, one-inch wide red fruits. Absurdly early red tomato. Bush tomato (desert raisin) Dried bush tomato has a strong flavour like a mix of sun dried tomato, caramel and tamarillo, which is delicious in recipes with tomato, cheese or eggs. HYBRID VIGOUR Celebrating ‘Yates’ 125th Anniversary’ Pot Roma is a prolific ‘paste’ tomato producer on compact plants. We think much of the tomato seed offered commercially isn't really right for home growers. Discard the bush tomato. Bush Tomatoes are a small, uniquely flavoured berries that grow on a native Australian plant related to the typical tomato plant. It also goes well with salmon and stronger flavoured white or game meats, and can be … Start your tomato plants in the greenhouse or windowsill to protect from early cold. Oz Tukka's Bush Tomato has a wonderful subtle flavour of delicate caramelised, sun-dried tomato with a slight bitter taste. Bush No staking required Height .5m Plant 40cm apart FFK Tomato bush varieties. Oxheart tomato. Our blend of Bush Tomato Seasoning is perfect for pizzas, pasta, salsa, sauces, seafood, vegetables and casseroles. A small desert shrub, the bush tomato is found naturally If you prefer a sweeter tomato, then it’s worth growing one of our tried and tasted varieties with the sweetest flavour.The care you provide while growing is important too, which will both improve the flavour and increase tomato yield.. Get your tastiest crop yet with our five top tips on improving tomato flavour. Native Bush Tomato Flavour Pearls have a fresh tomato burst flecked with sun dried Native Bush Tomato pieces…. a delicious addition to all meats, seafood and vegetables dishes. The better boy tomato looks just like what you would expect a tomato to look like. Bush Tomatoes are great in salsa’s, relishes and chutney’s – their strong flavour teaming with red meats particularly well. This type of tomato reaches its maturity faster than other tomatoes; it takes only 70 to 75 days to be ready for harvest. Perfect to add a gourmet touch to your vegan and gluten free entertaining. Despite their less than appetising appearance, bush tomatoes add a depth of flavour to your tomato chutney and other dishes that will have friends and family asking you for the recipe. These beauties are wild harvested in central Australia by an amazing group of Indigenous women. Tomato Seeds Plant tomato seeds indoors and transplant to pots or growbags outside when the risk of frost is passed. Bush Tomato brings a new and notable flavour to your cooking. Native Salt Bush, Aniseed Myrtle, Sea Parsley, Lemon Myrtle, Pepperberry Leaf and Outback Prairie Dust are just some of the native herbs and spices on offer. Kay’s choice: Scotland Yellow, amazing, reliable; Henry’s Dwarf Bush Cherry, easy to grow; Yellow Pear, great cherry tomato and a South Island heirloom. This dwarf stocky bush variety is early and heavy yielding, with large trusses of crimson fruit. They are also incredibly easy to grow in the home garden where they are terrific for encouraging children into gardening as they can pick and eat the grape tomatoes straight from the bush – the ultimate in fast food! Whole bush tomatoes can be added to … Native Bush Tomato Flavour Pearls have a fresh tomato burst flecked with sun dried Native Bush Tomato pieces… It is a good source of selenium, potassium and iron. Delicious in recipes with tomato, … Perfect to add a gourmet touch to your vegan and gluten free entertaining. From one plant you will be able to harvest several kilos of tomatoes with a delectable flavour. Both savoury and sweet and packing a punch. The unique flavour of bush tomato is best used in small quantities because using too much will cause the bitter sharp notes to dominate and overpower the fruity, sweet, caramel flavours. However, this is no mere ornamental. It has the right amount of bush tomato to balance the bitterness of bush tomato. Ditto with the Pepperberries. It makes for a delicious ketchup, or simply sprinkled over curries or eggs. June 30, 2015 • Recipes • Views: 3346. It will work as a thickener as it re-hydrates in cooking. Bush Tomato are a great addition in tomato soups, in sourdough, or when used in salsas and chutney. Fantastic flavour, balanced acid and sweetness, this is just great raw, & nice cooked too. As well as being dried whole, it is . Bush Tomato and Chilli Relish. Allow to stand for 3 to 4 weeks for the flavour to develop fully. They are best ground, and can be used in just about any dish you like. Today, native plants still have an important role for many Aboriginal people. Easy to grow, excellent flavour, has a tetra-cis-lycopene level of 7.27. The flavour of the rich-red ‘Apero’ is superb with a medium to high sugar content (Brix rating: 9.5). Whole bush tomatoes can be added to long,slow-cooked dishes such as soups and casseroles.