Saving and transaction with various choices that meet your needs, © 2020. 0.25%. Now, opening a Maybank Savings Account is easier and faster through the M2U ID App. Maybank2u Savers-i account is an online Islamic savings account that offers high multi-tiered profit rates with a minimum balance of RM2,000. A term savings account for child’s education goals, get competitive interest rates. S$500 (Singaporeans/PR)/ S$1,000 (Foreigners) DISCOVER MINIMUM DEPOSIT. Get the savings account that best suits your needs. Receive S$120 cash when you open a SaveUp Account online and link your accounts with Maybank MView. MINIMUM DEPOSIT. Basic Savings Account Trust (BSA Trust) – for children below 18 years old with parents or legal guardians below 60 years of age. Back to top. Alternatively, you may also send an email to Rest assured, your hard-earned money will be guaranteed by PIDM for up to RM250,000. Apply Now. Terms and Conditions & Download Form. A term savings account for child’s education goals, get competitive interest rates. Find out more. Click Apply Online at Download M2U ID … Savings account to fulfill your needs. Interest Rate. Is it safe to keep my money in this savings account? Interest Rate. 12 month. Minimum opening deposit . How to open a Maybank Savings Account via M2U ID App. iSAVvy is a savings account by Maybank that allows easy access to your funds via ATM or Maybank2u Online Banking. Maybank iSAVvy Savings Account varies from MB iSAVvy Plus Account as consumers can earn elevated rates just for maintaining a balance between S$5k–S$200k for 6 months–regardless of deposits or withdrawals made. It's the only e-wallet with banking features that you'll ever need! Open an Account. For inquiries or complaints, you may contact Maybank Customer Service hotline at (02) 8588 3888 or our toll-free number 1800 10 588 3888. Basic Savings Account-i. All you need is a minimum deposit of S$500 to open an account. Maybank Yippie Savings Account + more info. However, perhaps because of this flexibility, bonus rates are quite low. Min. It has a rather broad range of base interest rates from 0.1875% - 0.3125%p.a., depending on your account balance. Rates for Maybank Savings Accounts. Maybank SaveUp Savings Account is an ideal match for average consumers with moderate savings–especially those with broader financial responsibilities (such as the head-of-household). Find Maybank Branch. Savings Account Kawanku Savings Account. at an average daily balance of at least PHP 20,000; FREE withdrawals in any ATM in the Philippines; FREE withdrawals in any Maybank ATM in Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia Best viewed on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. Maybank Tabungan Plan your life with Maybank savings options that suit your needs. Compare and find the best savings account for you. iSave is Maybank's new fully digital savings account that can be opened via the Maybank2U PH App. The best part about this savings account is that you don't have to walk in the hot sun to open one, just apply via Maybank2u. :196001000142) Maybank Islamic Berhad (Co. Reg. Maybank Customer, Open via Maybank2u. Choose an account for your needs. Select Account Type (Personal Savings Account), Product Type (m2u Savers-i) and Continue. Payroll savings account complete with life protection and many benefits. Keep track of your transactions printed on a handy passbook and access your savings account easily with a Debit Card and Online Banking. Maybank Philippines Inc., is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Saving money should be fun and easy for your child. Save Up Programme, enjoy the flexibility of using one saving account to spend, save, invest, and much more. Sign up for MAE and get your e-wallet and bank account activated fully online. Basic Savings Account Minor (BSA Minor) - for teenagers aged 12 to below 18 years old. LEARN MORE. Read more Savings Account » Maybank. Deposit Amount ₱ 500. Earn up to 3% interest p.a. SaveUp is a Savings Account offered by Maybank Singapore that is suitable for most average consumers. Savings accounts Savings Accounts Show: Select one Maybank One Solution Savings Accounts Current Accounts Fixed Deposits Islamic Deposit Accounts Maybank Phone Banking Maybank Agent Banking Mobile Banking e-Statement Funds Transfers Payments … MyWadiah Savings Account. Maybank Passbook Savings Account Enjoy one of the highest interest rates on savings account in Singapore. Savings Account Suitable for You. First RM1,000: 0.20: Above RM1,000 to RM10,000 Have a Maybank savings account as source account and in the same currency with MyPlan account (USD / IDR) Online Account Opening Maybank MyPlan Savings Account. Banks have promotions whereby they offer bonus interest rates on savings accounts if you meet certain conditions. ... Open Women One / MyPlan / Deposito via Maybank2u for Maybank Customer or open Maybank Maksi Savings if you don't have a Maybank Account. A Shariah-compliant savings account with no service and maintenance charge. on the first S$50,000 in your account. iSAVvy has one of the highest base interest rates starting from 0.30% to 0.50%p.a., depending on your account balance. Say hello to MAE. Savings Account Privilege Plus Savings Account. RM250. Savings account for students to educate them how to manage and save money. Apply Now iSAVvy Savings / iSAVvy Savings-i Account. © 2021 Malayan Banking Berhad (Co.Reg.No. Visit the nearest Maybank Branch to open Maybank Savings Account or call Maybank Customer Care 1-500-611 for more info. Mudarabah Investment Account; Maybank One Solution; COMPARE 3 OUT OF 3 Choose an account for your needs. in your savings account. A Savings account you can manage completely online. Basic Savings Account Minor-i (BSA-i Minor) - teenagers aged 12 to below 18 years old; For Personal/Joint accounts. All rights reserved. 0.25%. Maybank2u Savers-i is open to users aged 18 years old and above with user ID & password access to the Secured Site. Maybank Save Up Programme. imteen-i Account. With Maybank iSAVvy Savings Account, you will not only earn attractive interest but also special additional interest-on-interest for your loyalty. Download the Maybank app now. Let them manage their own savings account and at the same time get great rewards for passing exams with flying colours! Apply now! Maybank Savings Account-i can be opened as a personal and joint account. Complete your day with Maybank MyWadiah Savings Account. Easy online account opening anytime anywhere through M2U ID App or Maybank2u. Account holders earn a base rate of up to 0.3125% p.a.–more than 6x the market standard–even before considering bonuses. Enjoy attractive interest rates and free personal accident insurance coverage, exclusively for our privileged customers aged 50 and above. iSAVvy Savings Account is an online savings account that provides attractive interest rates along with easy access to your funds through ATMs, cash deposit machines, ... Funds transfer to another Maybank account via will take effect immediately. Compare and find the best savings account for you, A Shariah-compliant savings account with no service and maintenance charge, A Shariah-compliant online savings account based on the contract of Qard (Loan), Savings based on the contract of Qard (Loan), Inspiring teenagers to save with a Shariah compliant savings account, Online savings account with high interest rates for teens from 12 to 18 years old. Maybank Yippie-i Savings Account Make it a habit for your child to save while you still can. According to Maybank, one of the IDs that must be presented as part of the Maybank Savings Account requirements must bear the photograph and the signature of the person who wants to open an account with the bank. Savings Band Interest Rates (% p.a.) RM50 to RM250 *RM 50 (with letter of employment) / *RM 250 (individual, joint & minor accounts) MINIMUM BALANCE TO MAINTAIN. RM1 Maybank Save 'n Protect Savings Account + more info. ... A Shariah-compliant online savings account based on the contract of Qard (Loan) DISCOVER Minimum Initial Deposit. The Maybank's Savings Account-i is a good savings account that operates with a passbook. Maybank iSAVvy Savings Account Review. Deposit Amount ₱ 50,000. An online savings account that provides base interest of up to 0.50% p.a, and up to 18% interest-on-interest which will be paid out every 6 months depending on your account balance. Absolutely. Eligibility. MyKad (IC) / Police or Armed Forces ID Card (i.e personal /joint accounts) Birth Certificate and MyKid (i.e for in-trust and minor accounts) Please also bring along any of the following secondary supporting documents:- Account Portability; Maybank One Solution; COMPARE 3 OUT OF 3 Savings Accounts. Savings at your convenience. An account today, link it to a debit card and your money will earn up to 3% p.a. No initial deposit; No maintaining balance ; Earns interest of 0.25% p.a. Available accounts: Basic Savings Account (BSA) – for adults above 18 years old. 12 month. A Shariah savings account with wadiah contract, which offers various benefit & ease your financial transactions. Apply now Savings for the Little Ones Savings for the Little Ones Limit and Fee. Saving and transaction with various choices that meet your needs. Savings Accounts. Non Maybank Customer, Open Maybank … Depending on the savings account and the promotion, you can earn up to 4.25% p.a. What other types of accounts does Maybank offer? The base interest rate for savings accounts are pretty low, starting from 0.05% p.a. Min. With this account, you get: Savings based on the contract of Qard (Loan) Various account management options : over the counter at any Maybank/MIB branch,, ATM and Debit Card service, m2u Mobile and Kawanku Phone Banking. S$1,000 (for Savings Account and Savings Account-i) S$500 (for Regular Savings Account- i ) We will notify you of any changes by giving you 30 days' notice except where otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions governing the Bank's relevant Products and Services. Interest Rate. Apply Now. Aside from deposit accounts, Maybank … Apply for Maybank credit cards online, compare credit cards to get the best rewards, and take full advantage of great deals for shopping, dining, travel etc. What is a Maybank iSave Account? Savings Account SaveUp Account. Basic savings account with no service or maintenance charges. TALK TO US ADD TO COMPARE. Maybank Classic Savings Account + more info. Maybank is registered with & supervised by OJK, Provide convenient transaction for active customers, Get higger interest rate from your savings account, Savings account to provide special privileges for women. ... Maybank EduPlan Savings Account. Best viewed on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. Maybank SaveUp Savings Account Review 2020. No: 200701029411).